Moving Up--And to New Spaces

It has been....light years since my last post here. I have been working on a brand new blog, and she has finally arrived!

Go check it out:

Hope to see you there! :)

Baggage & The Places Where We Claim It

Time is a woman.

You know this because she is both elusive & lingering, her gentle reminders pressing the skin around your eyes with a mother’s touch. You have a hesitant way of showing your appreciation for her, but she doesn’t mind. She shrugs & smiles when you curse the clock.

Time met me for breakfast this morning and we sipped coffee through our teeth, doing the old “I’m not talking if you’re not talking” bit. I chewed on toast. She let me eat both slices before taking my hands and telling me, “Now is the time.”

She led me to the door and pushed me out of it, a nudge into the world that I had wanted very much to ignore. But the world was still there and now, I was in it. I wanted to tell this hourglass mistress to back off, that thyme was just an herb and I certainly didn’t have time for this. I didn’t want the time.

But you know—she is kind of like your best friend, who can tell you when you’re being weird and not offend you, because, after all, you usually are being weird. Time stands still, her arms crossed, making it clear that she will not let you back in this house. She twirls a finger and points you onward. Go ahead, she says.

So you go. Time leaves you no choice but to move forward. She doesn’t even let you have five minutes to pack. You ask, what about the past? And my bags, the ones overflowing with all the feelings?

“You don’t need those,” she tells you.

You don’t need them. They don’t define who you are. The baggage and the places where you think you need to claim them—well, you can forget that. Because time goes on and people, things, move onward. If we could ask the future something, one thing, we might say:
 “What can we bring?”

And the answer, every time, would be simple.

 “Just yourselves.”

Mid-Twenties & A Winner

I turned 24 this past week--Wednesday, December 5th--and I'm still getting used to being an even number. You know how it takes a while to settle in to a new age, like when people ask how old you are and you start to say "twenty thr--I mean twenty four" and then feel like a moron? Yeah. It takes me about twice as long as the normal person to get into the groove of a new age.

24 is weird. I can't figure out if it counts as mid-twenties, or if I can still pull it off as early twenties....either way, I'm a year older and still behind on the "life plan" that the 12 year old me had all drawn out. What have I learned about plans? That they mean nothing. And I can never stick to one, even if it is just as simple as a weekday schedule that I've set up for myself. Is this is a bad thing? Probably. But I feel like maybe, just maybe (fingers and toes crossed), having my plans all out of order and discombobulated is just another plan in the grand scheme of things.

Speaking of the grand scheme of things, miss Danielle Carroll has won the Blue Bird giveaway!! Congratulations lady :) Will be emailing you shortly!

Happy weekending, all!

December Giveaway Comes EARLY

Assuming you lovelies have managed to crawl out of last week without ripping your pants (Thanksgiving rule number 1: always wear stretchy pants/leggings), I would like to officially welcome you to the holiday season. I was planning on waiting until December 1st to post this giveaway, but once I visited the shop I realized I couldn’t hold it in much longer. TOO. MUCH. PRETTY.

 Diane from Blue Bird is offering a $20.00 gift card to her Etsy shop! If you haven’t taken a gander yet, head on over, you’ll be totally amazed at all the gorgeous jewelry. And the little bubble key chains are perfect for stuffing those stockings you got hangin’ around.

I am in love with ALL of the bib bubble necklaces…is there a rule about how many gifts you can buy yourself during the Christmas season? Didn’t think so J 

To enter, you can either: 

+heart Blue Bird on Etsy
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Happy shopping, and good luck!