Living the Lead Role

Don’t waste your time.
Leave a footprint. The most basic fact of life is this: we are not here for long, and folks, we can’t say for sure when the moment that our foot will touch the bucket is. Isn’t the point of living to leave an impression?
Most of my post-graduate life (two weeks and one day, to be exact) has consisted of gathering “projects” for myself: reading about the vegans and their crazy, albeit very respectable, cheese-less lifestyle and trying desperately to find my own inner vegan (but what about the cheese???); getting in touch with 25% of my genes (an Italian, at last) by cooking and dancing to Billie Holiday whilst working the stove; adopting two Gerber Daisies that I plan to be my first step towards developing a passion for gardening. So maybe I’ll just settle for being a vegetarian, burn a veggie burger and forget to water the Gerber babies- so what? It doesn’t all have to be perfect. I’m trying new things, and I’m not wasting a moment. I’m doing things that I have always wanted to do, found some inner (very, very inner) patience and pulled out some courage that I had been saving up for myself. I am not afraid to fail. In my twenty-two year old book, a failure is not what Webster says it is; instead of seeing it as a misstep, I look at it as a more difficult step to take. Annoying and terrifying, yes. Necessary and significant? Always.
Though directions are nice, we don’t really need anyone to show us the way. Everyone has their own passions, their own ways to leave an imprint. What I’m saying is don’t be afraid to get out there and try something new. The only way to succeed is to get out there and try-and face the world with a smile.

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