One Shoe in Front of the Other

So, everybody is prone to bad days. Even bad weeks. Months, years, decades…you get the idea. Amidst the miserable minutes and the irritating hours that consist of waiting, going, stopping, and waiting, we all have to find something to hang onto, a thing of beauty and rapture that gives us enough of a kick in the butt to convince us to keep going. Most folks will say they like to take a walk when times have been less than favorable, to indulge in a solemn hike among the peaceful pines of nature. We all need something to remind us that life is actually worth our while.
For me, a 22 year old college student who is devastatingly poor in finances and rich in dreams, I find shoes to be infinitely glamorous; a kind of glamour that is more than just Audrey Hepburn sauntering down Fifth Avenue with the grace of a goddess. I’m talking about the deep kind of glamour, the glamour that is so profound it feels like an elbow to your soul and settles inside you for a while. It’s the beauty of the glamour, the fact that beauty can make us realize that sometimes things have to be ugly in order for us to realize the magnificence of life and its little things.
So when I say I’ve had a bad day (week, month, year), expect to see me at my laptop with my fingers typing “beautiful shoes” into Google images. Sometimes it even becomes necessary to set a particularly satisfying shoe as my desktop background. But, naturally, only some of the time. If I did this too frequently it probably wouldn’t have the same effect.
shoes-shoes-life-in-shoes.jpgSo today, dear friends, I wish nothing but to offer you a pair of shoes. Well, a picture of one anyway. This pair is one that stops the tears dead in their slippery tracks. The shine of the black patent leather is the only thing that can turn my mind around on an afternoon like today’s. The red sole, well, that is a mark of pure joy. I cannot think of any moment when I’ve seen such a sole (soul?) and not let a smile wrinkle its way onto my face. Never has there been such a shoe as this. I am shoe, shoe grateful for the art we put on our feet.

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