Caution: Contagious Pessimism and Defeatist Attitude Enclosed. Read at Your Own Risk.

           Life tends to be a series of downgrades—if you somehow missed the caution tape I surrounded this post with, I’ll say it again: this is not a cheery post. There is no positivity here. Along with that note, if you missed the warning, you should probably get your eyes checked. Just saying.

Anyway, back to the downgrades…Has anyone else noticed it, or is this just a gloomy mindset kicking back in? I've thought about it: meaningful relationships with a significant other are downgraded to awkward passing-bys, and if you’re lucky (or not), to friendships, and then further down to the kind of friendship that is only present when a screen is. Isn’t anybody interested in the art of REAL friendship these days? I mean, a screen can only do so much. It’s not the actual person you’re talking to. It’s just their words being filtered through the Internet (I’m sorry….the Internet is capitalized now????), or your cell phone. 

We wake up and have to go to work, downgrade from a previous fun night out. We go to school and graduate, only to move back home and end up right where we started, except much more downgraded: a bachelor’s degree and a chore list? How insulting. Fact is here, folks, we get older with age. We’re demoted at more than just the work place; the life of a human being is the life of a demotee, people, and I’m living it. Reduced, devalued, downgraded. Depreciated. Relegation at it’s utmost. And the worst part is, even upgrading my cell phone won’t make me feel any more improved.

This is going to end up being just a garbled up bunch of self-pitying gook by the time I remove my fingers from the keyboard, but they’re stuck typing for now because of some kind of writerly spell that makes me think I’ve got something worthwhile to say. Well, what is it? All I’ve got is this downgrading theory. Maybe I’ll submit it to Harvard and have myself featured in text books around the world, give a lecture at some schools here and there, touch the lives of young scholars everywhere and find myself living with just as much loneliness as before I was famous. Which brings me back to…today.

 I wish there was an “ignore all” button on life like there is on Spell Check. Then I’d be getting somewhere. 


  1. haha, i do feel this way a lot. although, for me it's not so much downgrades as stuck-in-the-ruts. I think I'm moving forward but I remain in the same stage/place I was years ago :/

  2. I agree with so much of this.

  3. A lot of this do get downgraded as we grow but things get upgraded as well. A weekend can get downgraded to a work day but a work day can get upgraded to a weekend as well.

  4. I really enjoyed this post! It's very honest...refreshing. I have friends who live on Facebook and are too tired to go out. Its sad.

  5. Hi. Stumbled across your blog. Good read.

    This is by far one of my favourite posts. Raw. And something everyone feels.

    Kinda therapeutic writing it down though, right? As I say, you need to feel down to realise your highs. Or it's all just...bland.

  6. Very therapeutic indeed. I hate to say it, but this post may have been more for me than my lovely readers...but definitely glad you guys liked it!


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