We Regret to Inform You That Your Success is Garbage

  How much rejection does it take to become a reject? How many loser-y things have to happen to you in order to become—you guessed it—a loser?
            I’m stuck with these kinds of thoughts after opening what seems to be the billionth “I’m sorry, but at this time we cannot offer you the position which you have applied for as we have already selected another candidate,” e-mail. Oh, of course you have! Why wouldn’t you have chosen someone else? Everyone else on the face of the planet has, too!
            You know, I never really took it seriously when people said how tough it is to find a job. I mean, I believed them and I’ll always be an advocate for the hard working folks of the world, but I suppose I just never truly appreciated the frustration that was encountered. Well, I see it now—worse still, I can feel it. I experience it every time I send out an application, each time with less confidence, all the rejection sucking away what self-esteem I had bit by bit. People have been telling me to write about this sort of thing, that there are plenty of people, my own age and older, in the same boat. Well, I hate to break it you, my fellow sailors, but, this boat is sinking. The water is rough and I’m running out of fingers to stick in the holes.
            I stumbled across a program on television recently featuring a young woman who had recently completed her Master’s and was stuck with a job she could have easily procured out of high school. Let’s just say she was less than happy with it. It’s down right maddening that there are so many intelligent people out there who are stunted by things like a bad economy and money issues. Whatever happened to things like success? It seems that success has favorites, and most of those favorites are some of the most irksome people I have ever come across (or, thankfully, not come across in real life).
            Well, today I’m putting the current definition of success in the garbage, and somebody needs to take out the trash because I refuse to let its stench reside in this room we’re all in. The meaning of success now days is bound by images of money and fame and power, shiny cars and stupid gadgets. Yes, I often find myself drooling over most of these things, and it’s not easy to wipe that cheap saliva up. But when I do, I come to grips with the fact that success isn’t gained by a bulging bank account—in fact, I think it’s quite the opposite. I think a true success is accompanied by a sincere respect, good intentions and a lot of love. Those big bullies out there with twenty houses all over the world (that they probably spend one night a year in, sheesh) got where they are today with a lot of pushing and shoving; aggression at meanest. Honestly, how is that respectful? How is stepping on people a showcase of love? News flash: it’s not. It’s a huge can of trash.
            So, for now, I can honestly say I’ve talked myself down from a big fight with myself. I was all fists when I sat down to write this, but now I’m all words—good ones, at that. I’ve been rejected almost a hundred times, and I’m not considering myself a reject. I might be wandering right now but I’m certainly not lost. I may currently be living paycheck to smaller paycheck, but I’ve got love and I know that with love comes respect. Success is at my fingertips.


  1. kerry,

    good stuff as always!

    i agree with all of the above.

    i've come to determine that such undesirables as job rejection actually push you into colliding with your purpose.

    the worst gives way to the wonderful. but yeah, i don't know.

    you should put some fiction up here, too!



  2. Thanks, JB! I agree with you. The rejections only make you work harder. Hope all is well!

  3. Kerry, I recently stumbled across your blog and this post resonated with me. I have been there, rejection letter after rejection letter, aka hell. However, when things do turn around, looking back you will see immense growth! (I'm sure you already do.)

    P.S. Your writing is beautiful. I am not a big "blogger." (I only got my blog to stay in touch with some friends and family after I relocated across the country.) So, I don't spend much time perusing other blogs, but your writing has captivated me.

    Great, great stuff. You have a way with words. Keep it coming!


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