"I hit a snarl," she said

            “I hit a snarl,” she said, tugging roughly on the comb that stopped moving through my hair. 

I sat on the couch, my back facing her, as she stood on the cushion to get a better handle on my thick, brown collection of strands.

“Does it hurt?” She asked me, placing a little hand on my head to more steadily yank the comb.

“Yes,” I said. “But keep going. Sometimes it has to hurt to get through it.”

It might have been the exhaustion talking. After a long week of work and night classes, I was too tired to take the comb from this little five year old and work the snarl out myself. And after rushing home from work to babysit this little charmer, I was sure there were more hair knots to be discovered.

But I meant what I told her. The most snarly, tangled up things in life have to hurt—and probably for a while—in order to properly get through them. And when you finally do get through them, you know. You’ll know because the comb will start moving again, and things will get easier, take less strength, and flow with ease.

The thing to remember is this: you have to keep going. No matter where the snarl is, how knotted up things are, or how much muscle it takes to continue, a l w a y s move forward. Have heart. And keep it.

            Comb through the snarls. Let yourself hurt. And remember that you will get through it.

            You always get through it. 


  1. Oh my...so beautifully penned. Love how you worded this bright spot of encouragement. :))

  2. Have to agree with Jeanine. Inspiringly communicated. As you say, you need to live the lows to appreciate a high. Really am all over this post.

  3. Beautiful Kerry, thanks for this wonderful reminder. Just what I needed to read. Miss you!!


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