Waiting for My Train to Come

            I’m sitting here, iced water in my iced coffee cup, tapping my ungracious fingers on my keyboard…w a i t i n g…for something to write to you.

Despite all the happenings in my life, all the inspirations from my day-to-day adventures I’ve been stocking up on…I’ve got nothing. I used to be so good at writing about nothing, making it into something. It’s one of the best things about writing.

 The past week or so has been a whirlwind. Irene made sure that whirlwind was literal for about a day or two, and after she left, so did my sissy. Little sister’s on the Emerald Isle for about the next three and a half months, and I have to wait that long until I get over there to her. Waiting has never been in my deck of cards.

 However, waiting is the adjective that’s been stalking me lately. Lingering. Wandering. But not lost. Never lost. The days I feel lost, I look up to the sky and remember that we’re all under it—it’s one of the few things we all have in common these days. I’m waiting, under the sky, for a lot of things. And that’s what I’ll share with you today…my waiting list.

            Ireland (and Leetle Sister!)
            Classes to begin (For my teaching certificate)
            F a l l
            A part time job-erooni
            September 10th (Connecticut to see best friends!)
            Tomorrow (More best friends!)
            The puppy I will name Bear (Or Tenley, or Sebastian, or Tila)
            A Boston Donuts trip
            A Leitrim’s jaunt (Favorite bar in Worcester, but definitely not the classiest…)
            My Birthday
            Christmas & New Year’s
And, last but not least….

            My Soul mate, my mister man of all seasons, the other guy who looks up at the sky and feels a purpose.

I know you’re out there, dude. Aren't you? 


  1. I'm learning patience is a virtue...Waiting is a good thing as long as we fill the space in between. Which you're doing. You'll find that guy who look up at the sky and he'll see rainbows, stars, and the moon too.

  2. As they say (or I just made this up). You don't find love, love finds you.


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