If I Could Give You One Rule, It'd Be to Always Remember the Little Guys.

Life is all well and good when you can make small talk without your heart galloping past a reasonable beat, when you can simply shake your head and laugh when you pass a sign that says “Improve Your Metal Health” without that grammar Nazi coaxing up your temper. Yes, life is magnificent when you can eat a milk chocolate covered graham cracker at Starbucks and put it in your food journal without the slightest pinch of guilt. I know that when I smell rain before a thunderstorm, or can enjoy a crisp & cloudy fall day, I have big things to look forward to. And it always takes the {little things} to make me realize this. 

Most times there is nothing better to be had than the fulfillment of all the little things. When I say little, I mean little—like the way a green straw stands in a plastic covered cup. It’s those obscure, random things that we hardly have a moment to notice, or the will to care about, that can really change a mood. Grumpy to golden, just because you noticed how much little kids love to laugh. If you remember what it’s like to be in their little shoes, you’re closer to happiness than you might think.

So, think about it. The little things are what make up the big ones; a smile might lead to a marriage, the colors in the sky inspire an artist’s masterpiece, a single raindrop leads to a spiritual renewal. You never know what life changing things can come about just by paying attention to the smaller wonders of everyday. 

I bet that I could convince you that without colorful straws, delicious chocolates, or kiddie laughs, life wouldn’t be the same. If we didn’t have the little things to pay homage to, would we still be in the comfort of the big ones? 

Make a list of your little things: Hugs from behind. Popping bubble wrap. Hearing a smile over the phone. With that list, I promise you this: those things will never let you down. 


  1. Oh my...I love this post and how you penned it to perfection :) All the little things that make up the big things...those examples are, in a word sublime. Heehee...I just love inserting that word whenever I can. It gives me great joy.

    Oh an to add to your list of little things:

    • Getting lost in a good book into the wee hours of the night and knowing I don't have to wake up early in the morning

    • Indulging in Cold Stone Creamery Instant Hot Chocolate

    • Catching a handsome stranger's gaze from across the room

    • Receiving a handwritten letter by snail mail from a dear friend.


  2. When you find that the last Haribo in the packet, which you just ate, was in fact the second last.

  3. Great post, love your blog! New follower.



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