Just Let Me Talk, Will Ya?

Today is Sunday and I’m actually strangely caught up on homework. So, in lieu of that, I’m going to go over the past few months with you all. (I usually fit these musings in the hour drive I have to work, around the middle of every month, but I’ve nothing much to do today so bare with me.)

Let’s start at the most appropriate place: May. I graduated. Miserably. There’s an absence of pictures for a reason.

Before I go on, let me rewind a few months—I dyed my hair blonde.              B l o n d e.                  I always promised myself I wouldn’t…but I was going through a bad break up and let me tell you, there’s never a better time to “re-invent” yourself.

At last! Summer graced us with its frozen-lemonade-sandy-feet presence. Twas filled with family, best friends, {white} wine, fireworks, kitty cats, bonfires, and graduation parties. My schedule was actually kind of great; I had a fun internship three days a week, which eventually turned into a full time job for me come September. That left plenty of beach & blogging time. It was kind of like a three-month vacation—a severely needed one. Then September came around and I began my maniac schedule.

 At the end of August, my sister left for Ireland. It was rough to say the least. I shortly after realized that this was the first time, ever, in the history of my life, that I’ve been without both my friends from school AND my little seester at the same time. 

And now the year is winding down, and my hair is back to normal. Only two more months until 2012…too bad I hate even years. November, December & January are by far my favorite months. I mean, really—Thanksgiving, my Birthday, Christmas, New Year’s…there is nothing better. Except maybe a frozen margarita on the beach. But hey, come January, there will only be four more months until those blissful days are back! 


  1. I think your hair is cute blonde!

  2. Haha thanks...I just couldn't get used to it!

  3. You hate even years... I laughed. The festive period has a strange way of making everything awesome.

  4. That first picture is super cute and funny!


  5. Liking the scalloped edges! Very creative xo


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