On Victoria and Unsubscribing From Her E-mails: Believe With Me

I'm not even sure if I can write this post--I'm so thoroughly disturbed. It's funny how mere sentences can totally throw us off our groove, right?

I work as a social media representative. I'm constantly plugged in. So much so that I am 100% sick of the Internet (aside from blogging, naturally). At this point, I'm honestly ready to plant some bombs and blow the whole "world-changing" invention to smithereens. 

If there's one thing I try to avoid all year, besides Valentine's Day, it's the Victoria's Secret fashion show. Let's just say it was much tougher this year than it has been others. 

It all started with a harmless (not) e-mail I received early yesterday morning on my Blackberry: "Tune in to our annual fashion show..." I got as far as "fashion show" after seeing that the sender was none other than Vicky herself before I deleted the damn thing. (Yes, so I participate in the 5 for $25 panty special sometimes..that is why I get all these e-mails. Other than that, I am not a "regular" and I still have no idea what secret Victoria is withholding.)

Here's my real issue: I had to sit through an eight hour day at work while all these boys tweeted and posted Facebook statuses about the show. 

"Everyone ready for the Vicky Secret fashion show?"
"Who else is excited for tonight? #VSfashionshow"

And the one that really got my blood boiling:

"Vicky Secret Fashion Show tonight is going to have alot of girls with one finger in their 
mouth and hitting the bathroom."

Are. You. {insert swear word of choice here} Kidding. Me.   


It got my wheels turning--fiercely. Is this what women are expected to look like? Sleek and sexy, skin & bones, perfect this and that and the prettiest hair and the bluest eyes and the biggest lips? I often tell myself things that I think most girls tell themselves in an attempt to feel okay: No one looks like that. But then there is this other voice that fires back: Obviously there are people who DO look like that, you idiot! They're staring back at you from those pages, walking down runways, sitting next to you at Panera. 

And so I'm left wondering...how does a girl compete with perfection? Why do we even feel the need to compete? Why can't we just be thankful for what we have? A working body. All ten toes, ten fingers. Seeing eyes, hearing ears, moving legs. When did that suddenly become not enough?   

Ladies, hear me when I say I think we all deserve a set of wings, maybe even a million dollar diamond studded bra (maybe). Without the differences that we each have, the unique & original patterns of our faces and our bodies, the world would be mundane. A sorry place to live and be. We are the spice and sass it needs. Would you want to live in a place where everyone looked the same? Talked in the same manner, read the same books, listened to only the same music? I sure wouldn't. 

Nothing is better than who you are. No one can make you think otherwise, unless you don't believe it yourself. Believe it with all your soul. Believe with me

To all my girls: Go get your wings. Put them on. Feel beautiful. Spin in a circle. Face tilted up towards the sky, arms outstretched, accepting the world: Because you are you, you are beautiful.  


  1. Such an encouraging, beautiful post! Thanks for sharing! :)

    ps. I head Victoria's (literal) secret is that she is actually a HE! Apparently the brain behind this fashion empire belongs to a man--go figure, a guy designing skimpy lingerie..kinda makes sense actually! Haha

  2. Well said! We are all master creations, carved and created with intention and ingenuity. Every. Last. One. Of. Us. :))) Thanks for reminding us of this.

  3. Makes me think of "The Stepford Wives" movie. Unbelievable status update. I would have responded with, "I'll have my finger down my throat when you'll have your dick in a vagina."

    Sorry, I'm a bit crass by nature and this is such a pretty blog - I hate to dirty it up, but it's TRUE. That's the kind of treatment little boys deserve.

    By the way, you write beautifully. Thanks for this amazing post. :)

  4. I completely agree. I saw so many statuses on fb last night saying with girls claiming to become anorexic in the morning. It's sad, really.

  5. Love, love, LOVE this post. You put this so beautifully. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one that found the hype around the VS show to be ridiculous. The reality is we're all different and we should embrace that. It saddens me to think that women look to those models as an ideal body type. Why can't we just be happy with ourselves just the way we are?

  6. WOOHOO! Loving the post, make me feel stronger than ever. Thanks so much for this, it does get a courage to write something like that. You're an inspiration xo

  7. LOVE your blog! so happy i found it.

  8. i really love your blog and what a great post! thanks for sharing (: i followed your lovely blog and hope you can follow back!


  9. Lovely post. I steadfastly ignored all mention of the fashion show -- like usual -- and don't understand all the fervor surrounding it. Yes, men like to look at beautiful women... no surprise there! But why would women want to sit around comparing their hips, thighs, etc. to the women on TV? I definitely don't! And I love me. Every curvy, size-12, frizzy-haired bit of it! (Except my stomach sometimes. But, you know.)

  10. You said everything I feel about the fashion show so perfectly. Victoria has lovely underwear, and the girls are beautiful, but anyone who looks at themselves and can't see their own beauty after watching it (and there are so many) need to find a way to appreciate their own value. Unless, of course, all you want is to be an sex object and nothing more.

    <3 emily


  11. A lovely post :-) well done. You write wonderfully and your blog is incredibly beautiful!

  12. I think it's important to note that it's true that nobody looks like the women in magazines and on runways. I'm sure - since you're a media representative - that you've seen "Killing Us Softly." Photoshop has given us all complexes about not being computer generated. Keep up the good work! :D


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