To: Stranger—Yours Always, Anonymous.

I’m going to extend my arms out as wide as they’ll go, close my eyes and scoop up some of the world’s honesty as I bring them back to my body and cross my chest.

{Confession: I’m ready to give up on a great deal of things these days.}

I have an awful mess of questions, reminders, to-dos, and don’t forgets going on in my brain.  And I’m constantly plagued by this dream at night where I’m back in high school and I can’t pick up my backpack. Arm reached down to lift the cobalt nylon sack and I can’t. Pick. It. Up.

{Confession: I live for dream analysis.}

After a vivid dream I run to my laptop and pull up my best digital friend: Google. I look up what the certain colors mean, what the objects stand for, what the feelings are pointing to.

I suppose this backpack thing has a lot to do with me feeling incredibly overwhelmed, weighted down by all the things I have on my mind, transitioning from graduating college to living in the real world, to working and taking classes and still not feeling quite adequate enough....blah blah blah. 

Today I’m going to share something with you that I think every overwhelmed person should know about. (Come to think of it, the underwhelmed need this, too.) 
And that is the Love Letters.

I can’t even really describe it—it deserves something more than words.

It’s as simple and incredible as it sounds. An organization dedicated to writing love letters to a stranger, signing it anonymously, and dropping it in any place you can think of; the gym, a coffee shop, the train station, a bookstore, the sidewalk. Anywhere and everywhere. There is no wrong place for a love letter.

When I feel like I’m on the verge of imploding, teetering uncomfortably close to a mental breakdown, I sit down and write a letter. I pull out a pen and address it: Dear stranger. I write, anonymous to anonymous, because it helps me—and in the process of forgetting about my stress for a little bit, I hope that I help a stranger comb through their own worries with a little added strength from each word that unfurls from my little pen.

Consider this my letter to you, dear reader. 

Now, it’s your turnleave a letter


  1. I like that idea. Writing random but purposeful love letters :) Life throws craziness at us to help us further develop into who we are meant to be. I believe this. Like a diamond needing that ruff. Transition is hard. But it's necessary. Another step forward in the direction we are supposed to head, I think. Try not to let yourself get too overwhelmed. Anxieties and worries are not meant to be carried alone! :)) I know, I know, easier said then done. I'm still working on this too.

    Jeanine :)

  2. Love this dedication to MLL. You always sign it Dear Stranger? I need a go-to personalized beginning. Mine's usually Dear You, which feels better in my brain because it's like the person reading it thinks I'm for sure talking to them. Whatever reassures you, right? Haha.

    I'm a big dream analyzer too. And I have so much faith in you post-college. I'll be right there with you in a few short months, but I'm beginning to believe that those of us who struggle with that overwhelming sense of "how will I ever manage this" are stronger, bound to put in the effort and make it happen. Chin up, girl. Transitions are transitions for a reason.

  3. Wow, this is cool. I never heard of it until now.

  4. I am absolutely inspired by what "The World Needs More Love Letters," is doing. There were many times in my life where I was feeling down & I wished that someone would say a kind word to me..heck, even a smile would have made me feel better. I never got it in my time of need though. That is why I am in awe of this organization.You all possess a quality that is lacking in a lot of people these days. Kindness!

    I have a great respect for Hannah and everyone on the staff. It makes me want to join in and make a difference.

    Keep up the awesome work!


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