The 12 Days of Christmas

To Tara: You are an incredible young woman. 
I think it’s safe to say that all of us girls {and boys, too} know what it’s like to have a pair of hands that can’t seem to do enough for us—we would like at least five pairs of hands at a time, am I right? I know I would. It’s a funny thing when the world distributes stress, because it’s always dished out at the worst of times. And we try to hide it underneath our smiles, pretend to erase it & sometimes dive deep into ourselves for protection. Too deep, sometimes. And we may have trouble getting out. If you feel like the stress & chaos around you has drowned a part of you, even if it’s just a small part, please, take this letter as if you would take my hand. Let me pull you through this.
            This letter {among the many others you have received} is for you. They are the hands you need to get through this time; the extra help that everybody can use at some time or another. We will help you up; we will keep you steady on your feet; we will push you forward while remaining behind you in case you feel a fall coming on. We will be with you, and you will be with us, in our hearts & in our thoughts.

There is something to be said about the magic of a hand-written, thoughtfully & soulfully crafted letter.

There are even more things to be said about the miracles that a letter from a stranger can unfurl.

Happiness. A smile. A tear, or several. Empowerment. The strength to take on an ordinary day.

These are some of the things I imagine the recipients of the 12 Days of Christmas letter bundles {hosted by the magnificent More Love Letters} to experience when they lay their eyes on their personalized piles of paper.

I get the chills if I think about it for too long.

From December 5th to the 17th, the MLL community is whipping up a whole bunch of love for those who especially need it this holiday season. Each day an e-mail request is sent out to those who have signed up to become a part of this mission, and all too often the glimpse we have into their life stories is heartbreaking.

Today, this lovely Saturday of December the 10th, we are aiming our beads of love & strings of hope to Tara, a young twenty something gal who currently could use a little something short of a miracle—enter MLL.

This post is dedicated to Miss Tara; a girl who, though I have no knowledge of the patterns of her face or the tune of her voice, is now a big part of my heart.

Won’t you make her one of yours, too? Sew her into your thoughts. Pray for her in whatever way is yours. Make her a part of your heart.

If you could scrape away some time today, write her a little note; it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, crafted for hours at your laptop. It could be a single sentence. You know, inspiration & hope have no rules. They just want you to help them get out there in the world.

If you choose to write a letter, please be sure to send it to the More Love Letter's PO Box within one week of today. Thank you lovelies :)  


  1. This letter is wonderful! I know these will all make such a difference in her life!

  2. this is the third post i've seen about this letter writing thing and it looks so neat. i'm sad that i just found it now, on the last day, but it has certainly inspired me to write letters.

    I love your blog by the way, especially the layout. love the pink and gray.
    oh and i'm your newest follower!

  3. This letter is so neat! I just found your blog and I'm in love with the gorgeous! :)

  4. Always in love with what you write


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