And I'll Woo Myself That Night, Wear Red Lipstick Just For Me.

There are so many sad stories being told today at Starbucks.

It’s weird of me to say that, I think. I’m at my own little table sipping generously on a Cinnamon coffee concoction, ear buds stuck in my ears without the music turned on. It’s just for appearance—I’m eaves dropping.

I’m a people watcher. And now eaves dropper, too, I guess. It’s how I was raised; a full diet of pasta and people peeping. My parents once went to sit in an airport as a date, for the sole purpose of people watching. Yes, you heard me right. They sat on a bench in an airport, their version of a movie theater, and just watched folks dance around. Made up stories about the families trotting along to their gate, guessed who was coming and who was going, my parents’ eyes wide with white wonder.

When was the last time you’ve heard such a thing as said date? Now, we go to the movies. Dinner? Maybe. Drinks, probably. But to the local airport to see humans waltz in between each other like the threads in my Christmas sweater? Rare, my friends. So very rare.

If I’m being honest, here—and I should be since it is the New Year—I should probably tell you something: I’ve never been on a real date. You know, like the kind where a guy asks you for your phone number and tells you he wants to take out to dinner, and the two of you sit at the table, teetering between the fall into awkwardness and the ease into comfort. I’ve been out for coffee, several times, but only been on dates once securely in a relationship with a boyfriend. That does not count as being on a “real” date, am I right? Nod with me, here. 

I’ve recently turned 23. As I look at the number now, I have to say, I like the looks of it. 23. It seems promising. It’s an odd number. It feels…lucky. I think this is the year that I won’t want a boyfriend. Or a date. Even if it does involved people watching from a bench.

This is the year that I catch up with an old friend, a very reliable and capable young woman who actually has a great deal going for her.


Yes, I already have the Valentine’s Day plans drawn up. A bottle of white wine and a pile of good old fashion movies (nothing sappy of course), paired with a blanket and sleeping kitty cat. I’ll wear leggings and my favorite oversized Irish sweater, slipper socks with my hair coaxed into a little French braid. There will be candles and twinkle lights, left up from New Year’s and Christmas. And people, I will enjoy every bleeping minute of it.


  1. You are a beautiful writer, Kerry. Love to get a peek into your lovely mind. :)

  2. Yeah, traditional dating had definitely become rare... which is a shame. It's like we females have made it too easy for guys to spend time with us. A friend of mine ended up on a coffee first date because a guy asked her to "walk him to his car" and then on the way started rambling off his number for her to save, before suggesting coffee. Uh, no thank you I'd like to be wooed.

    When it happens, it's the best thing ever.

    Yay to being 23... That was one of the most hella crazy years of my life... but I'm glad I went through all of it because it made 24 so liberating and 25 so wonderful, so far.

  3. Love this. How brilliant were your parents to go on a date like that??? I just want to meet them so much because of that. :)) And I concur. People watching is infinitely fascinating. People can be really strange. And if one observes with carefully hooded eyes and perceptive ears, very funny too. And crazy and lovely.

    I hope this year ahead for you is infinitely fabulous and you learn a ton of things and grow in so many ways never imagined (for the best of course) and I pray good things for you girly. And keep on writing!

    Jeanine :))

  4. Happy belated birthday! And I do hope you get that date soon! However, I believe the correct term is 'eaves' dropping. I used to do it at varsity, to get ideas for short stories and a novel I want to write some day.

  5. I love this post. And confession, I totally eavesdrop in public, too. It's harder for me to do in Starbucks now because my husband works there and everyone knows me so I can't be the anonymous creeper in the corner.

    I love your Valentine's Day plans! That's a perfect way to spend the evening.

  6. I've missed your blogging, it's been too long! Also, your parents date is pretty romantic! Was it the arrival part of the airport? Must have been great to see all the happy emotions as people meet loved ones after periods away!

  7. AHH you're parents are awesome...

    follow each other?

  8. Lovely blog! (:
    I'm a bit of an eavesdropper, as well...

    PS: I saw that you had entered a giveaway for MyMemroies Design Software in the past! I just thought I'd let you know, that I'm doing a giveaway for the software, as well! Feel free to enter at :)



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