Life—She Tells Me I'm Ordinary.

I’ve been having some trouble finding a rose for you as of late.

And it is not because I haven’t been trying—truly. I feel like I’ve been scouring the world, my brain, other people’s brains, to find the perfect red rose, sans thorns, to throw at you today. But I have no plush petals for you to rub between your fingers, to pluck one by one from the center, in hopes of finding some truth. No funnies, either.

To be honest, I’m drained. From head to toe. I have a master list of “to-dos,” and because its been keeping me up at night, I finally had to throw it up on a giant post-it paper and paste it to a wall. Now it has eyes and we can have staring contests.

I heard from someone {of course I forget who} that when she feels incredibly overwhelmed, she takes out her calendar and looks ahead—next week, month, weekend, some exciting thing to look forward to. So I took out my agenda to place my finger on some thrilling future event and found this quote instead:

            “Ordinary people endure life. Passionate people live.”

I was jolted. I’d rather be dead before ordinary. 

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  1. True words, friend. I too would rather be dead than ordinary. About the rose though . . . I've always liked the metaphor in the title of your blog, because the most beautiful roses often have the most pointy thorns. And isn't that life? Beautiful and painful and beautiful again?

    Take heart: ordinary is what we become not in what we do, but in how we do it. And hey, if it's okay with you, this is a bit of inspiration for my own blog. Think I could link to yours? I've been wanting to write about what takes life from ordinary to beyond ordinary, and this has absolutely been the spark I needed.


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