She's In It

I’m going to assume something here.

Most everyone on the blog front has a passion for inspiration. Some kind of reason for gettin’ that creative juice going. Movin’ and groovin’ to his or her own artistic beat. Courting the muse to the local five star restaurant.


I was working the other day and I got talking to a girl who waitresses but also does print design on the side. Her eyes lit up and she dove into her oversized bag and pulled out two cards, each with their own intricate and carefully formed designs on the front. I could have screeched from amazement at that point, holding those two colorful cards in my dull fingers—but I was working and that would have been outlandish, I suppose. So I ooed and awed at her work and we got to talking about photoshop and all things print and design. It was a small moment of inspiration and passion and smiles. We exchanged names and that was that. Gone. Back to work.

Lately this is just how it seems—a flash of the brightest ray of inspiration infiltrates my mundane day and I see it, so clearly, floating there next to me asking to be remembered. But I can’t hold on to it. Because it never stays long enough. And I want to yell at the sky, at the grass, at the world and ask for someone, something, to send a pile of ideas. A stack of words, colors, sounds, people, feelings, to get me to an inspired place. And I promise myself, promise promise promise, to do something with it all. To find a way over the hump of underemployment and out of the rut of little confidence and make something. Make something of myself. Today. And everyday after.

Here is what I think: every human being who’s a human being has a creative outlet. And yes, I’m even talking about you, the one who’s like “oh, I’m not creative, I have none of that.” Let me press the buzzer on that one—wrong. Some people just have an easier time of expressing their creativity. It’s different for everyone. It could be something like doing a crossword puzzle. Or gardening. Or cooking. Whatever.

I’m making a list for myself. I’m making a list to get me back on track to the creative life. To get me out of this “getting through the days” mentality and closer to the “getting in the days” mind set.

I want to be in it. 

ps- the photo makes a really nice iPhone wallpaper. made it myself ;)


  1. One: I love the photo. Two: I love the new look to your blog. When did this happen?! Three: I love your vote of confidence in us all.

  2. This is an amazing wake up call. I have it all the time. I am glad you're doing something about it getting more creative and all. Loving the picture. You're surely an inspiration too xo

    The Young Bridget Jones

  3. Such an inspiring story. How great to find creativity in even the most mundane places. We've got to appreciate those moments when they fall into our lives...


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