That Time I Had A Blog & Pretended I Didn’t

 One word: guilty. Gill-tee.

I am confessing to a huge, huge flaw of mine, in both the world beyond the screen as well as here in the blogiverse.  (Probably more so in the blogiverse.) 

I’m an inconsistent gal. I’m determined until I’m not anymore. I remember until I decide to ignore it and intentionally begin to forget. I play around with my list of priorities and shift some things down a line or two or ten. I get in those “I should blog today but I really don’t want to and who would notice anyway” moods.

It’s been real bad lately. I just responded to an e-mail that was sent to me seventeen (SEVEN. TEEN.) days ago and let me tell you, I would not blame her for scoffing at the reply. Or moving it immediately to the trash.

The worst thing of it is that I can’t even employ the “ohmuhgosh I’ve been so busy lately, my blog has been slipping through the cracks but there just hasn’t been any TIME!” Oh yeah? Then I suppose we should also add my diet & exercise regime, my goal of keeping my room clean, my list of books, my schoolwork, my photography, and my friends to that slipped-through-the-cracks list.

This list should not exist. Because I actually have had the time—it just hasn’t been used. You see, I’m discovering that I’m one of those people who needs a schedule to get things done. A rigid structure. A well-rounded routine. And I think it may just be the summer season but…I feel guilty. It’s layering on me like lasagna.

So, to anyone who might care, I am sorry. I am sorry for being such a terrible blogger and for being horrid at replying to e-mails. But I do promise to make moves here again. I do promise to act like a blogger, think like a blogger, BE a blogger.

Ya hear?

Also, if anyone has any time management/schedule setting/sticking to your schedule tips, I would probably freak out and hug you. Or just send you a thank you e-mail :)


  1. Totally understand what you mean when you talk about things slipping through the cracks.

    I've found the only way I can continue to do anything, be it exercise, writing, composing, needs to be done everyday. If I let one thing for for even a day, the struggle to maintain my trajectory is too great.

    There are people out there who are quite excited to see your posts published. Keep it up.

  2. I love lists. And am trying to utilize them more. If I don't, I get N.O.T.H.I.N.G. done and turn around to find I have just sat and watched 5 hours of Bones episodes instead of actually doing something productive with my time. Sheeshhh. Just don't let those lists take over you too much. Spontaneity isn't a bad thing. And don't be so hard on yourself with your bloggy. In my opinion, one should blog when the mood strikes and because they love it. Enjoy it :) No pressure. Blog for you. And the rest of us will just appreciate it all the more when the mood strikes you :) Glad you posted!


  3. I use a calendar for blogging, and when I have an idea I put it on the calendar so that I will blog about it on that day. It keeps me from putting things off for too long. I don't know what I would do without it!

  4. I can say that I'm one of the people that do notice when you don't blog. I'm so happy to hear from you again, but I can definitely understand. I've let my blog "slip through the cracks" here and there. I have time but no will. So, no worries! You aren't alone.

    I normally write drafts upon drafts of posts I intend to write. As soon as I get an idea, I go on Blogger and just start writing. Making mental notes of what I want the post to be about. Then, I go back later to finish it. I have about 6 drafts right now. It helps me~

  5. I read this & chuckled. I'm the 17 day-gal.. and I of course didn't move your message to the trash. I completely understand. :)


  6. I don't have any tips: I'm a work in progress, myself! We can't all make blogging a priority. I do, but I enjoy blogging so much that I want to be good at it. However, it sounds like you have other things that take precedence for you sometimes... and that's OK, too! There may come a time when blogging comes lower on the totem poll than it is now (It already is lower than it was several months ago for me).

  7. Haha, I completely understand!!! Honestly, don't feel guilty. I enjoy every post you do. Even if they're a month or so a part! ;) Also, I love your new blog design! When did you do this??

  8. I know what you mean, I have this a lot too. I'm trying to keep focused on my blog by putting myself on a schedule; monday is for motivating monday, wednesday is for an outfit, thursday is for a montly feature and the weekend is for whatever I'm up to. But don't feel so bad though, it's YOUR blog, so you don't have to push yourself or else you won't enjoy it anymore. You have a lovely blog and it doesn't matter how much you post :)

  9. Oh gosh, don't feel guilty. I understand. I LOVE your blog and I'm psyched when I get to read new entries, but I know you have a life (jeez). I just started blogging, so I'm still finding my groove and I'm sick with some sort of neurological thing that makes me faint and have seizures, so I speak from experience: we break so easily and I'd rather have some Rose than no Rose at all. I used to blog everyday and now it's, like, three-four times aweek. Sometimes, it's five times and sometimes it's two times per week. What matters is that this doesn't feel like it's forced. I agree with Dorien, too. Sometimes, knowing what you want to say helps? I pick a general theme/idea and go from there. I have done it for the past three weeks and things have been better.

    But, remember that you have other parts of you to nurture. I draw. I write fiction. I am in treatment. I am busy fainting. I am just a busy person, you know. :P I'm just starting to notice that I have been focusing on blogging and not on my other aspects of myself (well, the fainting and seizures kind of are forceful, demanding activities. They show up and take what they want from me in terms of energy). Don't put all of Rose in one spot. She's much cooler and bigger in spirit and talent than that.

  10. It happens to us all! I'm the type of person who needs a schedule to get things done too. I'm having a day of today and I haven't done ANYTHING! Haha, maybe I should do something right now ;)

    Hope you're having a lovely day!! //Niina

  11. OMG - I totally know what you mean! I get so motivated to blog and then my motivation all of a sudden stops! I'm like that with a lot of things in life! Whoops :)


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