I'll Just Sit Here and Go Crazy Today.

 I feel like I may have just experienced a minor myocardial infarction. Hashtag I’m being dramatic.

I’m sitting at my kitchen table with a pile of things to do. E-mail this person, find out this information for these people, write these essays, read these books before the library cancels my card for always having that overdue fee that I pretend I’ll pay the next time. Not to mention finding some time to bathe. My friend and I like to joke that we won’t see each other until 2014 because life is like, “oh here, do this and this and this and this and maybe some of this before you get to feel settled and can visit your friends again.”

OH YEAH LIFE? I hate you sometimes. Stress has me to the point of talking yelling to myself while the yard workers outside watch me become a maniac. The maniac. I’m sure this will be the last time they cut our grass. Sorry, dad.

What’s the best way to overcome stress? I like to pretend that I have ways to cope. But I need more!


  1. I can relate! Lately, life has been pulling me in too many different directions. I feel as if I might lose myself in all the chaos. I recently read this ladies challenge to simplify your life and was greatly inspired. Maybe it will inspire you as well. Scroll to the bottom of this post to start at the beginning of her challenge.


  2. Best way to overcome stress for me is:
    1. Over analyze the situation first
    2. Complain to fiance about situation
    3. Blog about stress and/or situation
    4. Go have a margarita and realize it's going to be ok and work out.
    Haha, might not work for everyone, but does for me :)

  3. you found time to bathe? you're already 10 steps ahead of me...

  4. I just take 30 minutes aside, go find a really cool spot to sit down and make myself a cup of tea. Magic.

  5. I work out like a maniac when I'm stressed - it's the best way to get my mind off of whatever it is that's so stressful {or busy} and it's a great way to keep from eating my stress away {or at least balance all of the "stress eating" I do end up doing} - and I indulge in dark chocolate. :)

    Sorry life is so crazy. :( Hope it gets better. I always get hives when I'm super stressed - my body literally hates me when I freak about stuff. Like I said - workout & eat chocolate, it's my remedy.


  6. P.S. love your blog...I'm new! :)

  7. Loving your blog! I'm also new! I found you through Bloom. I'll definitely be back to keep reading. You are darling!


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