Hearty Hope Soup for the Chickened-Out Soul

I promise I’m not, nor will I be, calling you a chicken today. And if I do, it’s more me calling myself a chicken than you. 

Do you know how it feels to believe in something? To have hope, that, because you believe in some person/place/thing, every little thing is going to be all right?

I hope you’re nodding. And if you’re sitting motionless, I’m going to assume its not because you’re too tired to move your head in an emphatic yes. My guess is you’re not so sure you have something to believe in. You don’t feel like you have a palpable hope to grasp.

I want to challenge that thought, if you have it. I want to tell you a little something: you do have something to believe in. A person who can offer you baskets of blooming hope. And you don’t even have to go far to find said human being.
Because the person I’m talking about is you. Why oh ewe.

Who’da thunk? The hope and salvation you’ve been looking for lies within. I know how cheesy it sounds, how new agey and overly optimistic it seems. I think most of us are searching for some kind of external validation; like if someone walked up to us, took our hand and said, “I believe in you and your future and all that you’re fighting for,” we’d be all right. We’d feel much, much better. A sigh of relief would part our lips and we would find a way to push forward, holding onto that encouragement for dear life. Because it’s all we would have; we’d let that heartening moment fill us and fuel us for so long until we ended up back where we began: in serious need of hope.

 But guess what? While all the external validations and encouraging compliments are nice, and certainly always welcome, they are not a reliable source of assurance. There comes a time when we realize something big; a hold-the-phone-shut-the-front-door kind of realization: we have to fight for ourselves. We have to take our own hand and say, “I believe in you. Yes, you!” We have to go, go, go, with a heart full of love for the one and only me, you, us. It’s that kind of thinking that arms us with a hope more solid than steel. It’s pierce-proof armor, and I want everyone to wear it. I want everyone to believe that they deserve to have that kind of protection, that their hearts can be full just by their own doing.

You can, literally, do anything you want. That’s an overwhelming feeling, isn’t it?

I believe in you. Yes, you.


  1. I needed to read that so badly, Kerry. Thank you so much.

  2. My friend emailed me this post and I'm so thankful that she did and I'm thankful you wrote it.


  3. perfectly written, perfectly timed. xoxo

  4. yes, yes, in the best possible way, yes.

  5. LOVES. found your blog via 20sb. followed! :)

  6. Just found your blog, and I think it is super cute!

  7. i agree with kerry: perfectly timed. like really, perfect. thank you for the pep talk. it did more than you could possibly know! :)
    so glad to be sponsorship buds, woo! love your blog dear!

  8. Thank you :) I believe in you too!


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