December Giveaway Comes EARLY

Assuming you lovelies have managed to crawl out of last week without ripping your pants (Thanksgiving rule number 1: always wear stretchy pants/leggings), I would like to officially welcome you to the holiday season. I was planning on waiting until December 1st to post this giveaway, but once I visited the shop I realized I couldn’t hold it in much longer. TOO. MUCH. PRETTY.

 Diane from Blue Bird is offering a $20.00 gift card to her Etsy shop! If you haven’t taken a gander yet, head on over, you’ll be totally amazed at all the gorgeous jewelry. And the little bubble key chains are perfect for stuffing those stockings you got hangin’ around.

I am in love with ALL of the bib bubble necklaces…is there a rule about how many gifts you can buy yourself during the Christmas season? Didn’t think so J 

To enter, you can either: 

+heart Blue Bird on Etsy
+Like Blue Bird on Facebook

For an extra entry, follow this here blog!

If you find yourself drooling over Diane’s pretty treasures, enter the discount code for a special 15% off your purchase: FALL2012 

Happy shopping, and good luck! 



  1. I added Blue Bird to my favorites on Etsy :)

  2. I added her Etsy shop to my favorite! :)

  3. I mean, first can we note how adorable it is that you couldn't wait until Dec 1 to post this. Secondly I follow your blog, and shall post a link to this giveaway on mine.

    1. bam. blogged about:

  4. Ooh and I added her on etsy. Oh, Etsy. Dangerous land.

  5. I'm a follower!

  6. I have already hearted her shop on Etsy... promise! ;)


  7. & I am now following your blog!


  8. I have already bought myself far too many Christmas gifts, and it isn't even December yet!

  9. what a great give away. haven't seen the bluebird shop. will have to check it out!


  10. colors are so pretty! the beach pic reminds me of home :) looks like i am wayy too late for this giveaway haha. look forward to more of your posts girl!

    xx fel


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