Pity Party for One. And Done.

A few weeks ago (ok, a lot of weeks ago), I wrote a post about being hopeful. Believing in yourself and having confidence that once you find what it is that you want, the universe will align itself for you to achieve your most meaningful of dreams.

I'm sitting here today, in a coffee shop that smells like soup, wondering where the girl who wrote that is....can she come out and play now? I need her advice. I need her to put her hands on my shoulders and push me onto a seat, point a finger at me and say, "Don't you give up, now. Don't you quit the hope you've got."

Because today I'm not living a very good example of a positive, hopeful individual.

 Rejection emails, no interviews, underemployed forever and a future-less future are floating around me and siphoning me into this vortex of suckiness. This day I am a chickened out soul and I am trying to find some fuel inside of me to fill up the depleted tank of hopes and dreams to get my vehicle going again. But then there are the tires to fix, the windshield to clean...little things to hold me back and keep me from pressing the gas pedal. Why doesn't the future just unlock itself, already?

I say I've never been on a roller coaster before, but really. This whole being a 20 something year old is one heck of a bumpy ride.

Consider this your invitation to my pity party. Feel free to RSVP with an emphatic "no."


  1. Ahem. Pardon me, I have something to say: "Don't you give up, now. Don't you quit the hope you've got." ... there. that should help :) On a serious note, remember that it's only right now. It's only this one minute - and the next might bring something totally different. It's just about accepting everything right now. And in another way to look at the same sentence: it's only right now, as in you only get to live your young life for so long. LIVE it. With Love, from the other Kerry

  2. Agreed! Us terrifed 20something young adults, we must encourage each other. :) Chin up, love! You can do it! Even if you don't end up exactly where you thought you'd be, you could still end up someplace wonderful and not realize it yet. :)

  3. Wow, right there with you girl! Moving to give myself opportunity in a big city, but who knows if that will pan out?! Love your blog, glad I stumbled upon it. Best of luck to you, you are beautiful...keep your head up!

    Your newest follower Ashton from:

  4. seriously! i've literally said to so many people that my 20's were going to be my hardest and so far, it has been! *sigh*


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