Mid-Twenties & A Winner

I turned 24 this past week--Wednesday, December 5th--and I'm still getting used to being an even number. You know how it takes a while to settle in to a new age, like when people ask how old you are and you start to say "twenty thr--I mean twenty four" and then feel like a moron? Yeah. It takes me about twice as long as the normal person to get into the groove of a new age.

24 is weird. I can't figure out if it counts as mid-twenties, or if I can still pull it off as early twenties....either way, I'm a year older and still behind on the "life plan" that the 12 year old me had all drawn out. What have I learned about plans? That they mean nothing. And I can never stick to one, even if it is just as simple as a weekday schedule that I've set up for myself. Is this is a bad thing? Probably. But I feel like maybe, just maybe (fingers and toes crossed), having my plans all out of order and discombobulated is just another plan in the grand scheme of things.

Speaking of the grand scheme of things, miss Danielle Carroll has won the Blue Bird giveaway!! Congratulations lady :) Will be emailing you shortly!

Happy weekending, all!


  1. happy birthday!! 24 is fun - and i say early twenties! though i think i'll say early twenties until i'm 30. and maybe even then ;) hope you had a great time celebrating! xo

  2. Happy Birthday Kerry! I am twenty five and a half now, which means I'm closer to thirty than I am to twenty. Kind of depressing but I keep reminding myself that it is only a number!

  3. Happy Birthday. Cheers to a good year!

  4. Funny because last night I had a dream that I turned 23 (I'm 22), and I was trying to prove everyone I'm still 22.. Just felt like sharing it..haha.. Well, age is just a number. A good heart never grows old. :))

    Much love,

  5. Hope it was a good one, birthday twin. I'm two years ahead, and I still haven't got it all figured out... if that helps. :)

  6. I've noticed that odd years are my "best" years! I hope 24 is good to you, and that all of your wishes come true!!

  7. I would def still consider 24 as 'early twenties'. and is that a blue moon I see there!! happy belated. :)

  8. You are drinking my favorite type of beer! And I know what you mean! I'm almost 24 now and can't even believe it! I just stumbled over you blog and I absolutely love it! You have a new follower here! Can't wait to read more!


  9. I feel the same way! I can't believe I'm 24 that sometimes when I need to give someone my age, I ask my boyfriend how old we are again. Haha Happy birthday! :)



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